Black Lady Goddess submerges us into a world where God is a woman breaking away from the usual representation of God being a masculine figure, which we see throughout western canonical literature. The goal is to break the chains of patriarchy and show that women can hold positions of power, authority, cultural significance and even the highest position of all, the creator of the universe.

The series also plays homage to women’s innate power as the creators of life on earth and celebrates societies that are matriarchal and where women play strong leadership roles. By having a God who is a woman, it is supposed to encourage

women and those who identify as women to become their best selves. The glass ceilings have now been broken and women no longer have to play second fiddle to men and be taken advantage of by them, but instead can soar.

Additionally, the existence of an alternative creation story that does not center around Western ideologies is critical to the series BLACK LADY GODDESS. By envisioning a fictional futuristic world where stigmas of inferiority and backwardness are removed from Browness, Blackness, Africa and nonwestern ideologies, we hope to create a future reality free from racialized limitations creating new possibilities for black self-determination. By displaying images of a Black God, the goal is to reverse the effects of centuries of societal programing that negates the humanity, brilliance and contributions of black and brown peoples, their culture and beliefs and recenters Africa as the birthplace of humanity. In doing so we hope to capture the heart and imaginations of our viewers in the same way that films like Black Panther and Avatar were able to strike a collective chord in the popular consciousness of the world.